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The Biking

With a good music this workout is very interesting in group. For 3/4 of an intensive hour, many sitations of cyclist race are suggested by the instructor. Spints,climb,speed, interval climb, seated climb, hard climb, Flat…


Cardio exercises

This means training using special machines (treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical trainer, stepper, bikes…) to make your heart and breathing function correctly.

There are 3 kinds of physical exercises depending on the intensity and the length of time.

  • Moderate (intensity) - Long (time)

  • Medium - Medium

  • Intense - Short

Particularly advised for those who want to lose weight and become fit.

It is very important to be supervised by the instructor who will keep an eye on your heart rate and your effort.

All the machines at JUMPY FORME are top of the range (Life Fitness, Techno gym, Reebok, Star track, Concept 2)

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